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2017 Prize List

Critical Edge student-run film & art festivals feature a season of small film screenings where we play many of our short local, independent, or experimental film submissions, followed by a larger, annual Film Festival. A typical Early Screening event lasts an hour, and takes place at a local cafe, art gallery/studio space, or outdoors (depending on the venue). Our annual event will take place at multiple venues, run longer, and screen feature and short films - the annual event showcases the films selected as winners of their submission category (among other selections).

By submitting to the Critical Edge Film Festival, you are competing for a number of opportunities

- NEW: InkTip Script Listing - 3 winners from each CEFF festival will receive an InkTip Script Listing ($60 value) for script distribution/marketing.

- NEW: International Film Trade - 3 festival winning films will be chosen to exchange with FINDECOIN: International Short Film Festival "The Day is Short" from Venezuela, where it'll be screened at one of their venues.

- NEW: Film/Television/Media Market annual membership - we're offering 7 category winners from each festival 12-month subscriptions ($299 value)! 20 selections from each festival will also be offered 3-month subscriptions ($117 value) to the creative project pitching service!

" iPITCH.TV gives Screenwriters, Filmmakers and Creators the ability to pitch and sell TV or Movie ideas directly to Entertainment Industry Buyers by submission of written and/or video pitches."

- Screentime/Publicity during various Early Screening events where audiences participate in the critiquing of selected short film submissions. Films screened during Early Screening events will earn the status of "Official Selection."

- To win trophies/laurels/selection status in a number of categories or win a category and to be selected to screen during our Annual festival event. Your film's promotional materials and your posts will additionally be shared across our social media pages prior to our festival.

- Entering an ongoing competition for display on our website and various social media pages as selections in our Photography category (excluding film submissions except by our prior e-mailed request). Photography selections may also be chosen to be made into our annual festival poster/flier, and the submitter behind each print may receive them upon request!

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