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Have an idea, but lack equipment, a crew, locations, or experience? If you're a student passionate about film living in Tallahassee, Orlando, Milwaukee, Madison, or Chicago, we'd love to hear your pitch or script idea, and maybe help co-produce a CEFF Original film! Shoot us an e-mail via the "contact" page.


A random system malfunction allows Vinny a brief glimpse of the distant future, where he witnesses an impoverished teenage girl "re-boot" his reality. Discovering that the universe he once knew is a poorly designed and speculative Virtual Reality replication of 2015 Florida, Vinny toys with meaning, origin, and ethics in a simulated world.

Shot in Fort Myers, FL over summers 2016 and 2017, Paradise marks the first CEFF-produced short film. 

CEFF Originals

CEFF Network works with festival crews and supports student film projects through providing equipment, locations, cast and crew members, distribution assistance, or funds. These films, along with shorts produced in part by CEFF team members in various cities, may be called "CEFF Originals" and feature our video logo on them.  Our festival crews also plan on participating in local film competitions this year! Come back here and to our News page for more information as it comes available,

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